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Christopher Nolan has created a very dark, and yet honest Batman world, where his foes challenge his strength and his morals, as both Bruce Wayne and The Batman.
In this installment Batman faces his most ferocious adversary, Heath Ledger) The Joker: a psychotic, merciless, extremely driven and unpredictable fiend. In the opening of the first act the audience is presented to an armed robbery where various assailants rob a bank, each time one of them completes their task e.g. opening the safe, they’re killed by whomever they’re accompanied by. This is to reduce the amount of shares so the robbers all get a larger cut. The Joker is introduced at the end f this sequence and you can tell straight away that he’ll be a very difficult villain for Batman to capture. Later on in the movie the Joker takes both Rachel and Harvey Dent, and locks them in two separate locations. Both are tied to explosives to there is an imminent threat present. Then Joker provides out brooding her with an ultimatum; save Harvey, or save Rachel. Now this news is brought abut as Batman is interrogating Joker in the GCPD, which becomes one of the most iconic scenes in the trilogy, followed by the line “Where are they. and a fist to Jokers face. This scene in particular shows Batman’s ferocity and that thin line between vigilante and criminal is almost crossed as he pummels the Joker, desperately attempting to obtain information on the hostages whereabouts. In the final act, after Joker escapes from the precinct in a very dramatic fashion, he rigs explosives to two ferry’s (large passenger boats) and this time he gives the passengers the ultimatum. On one boat there are 2 or 3 hundred criminals and on the other 2 or 3 hundred innocent civilians. Each have a remote, when its button is pressed, the other ship will explode. It takes the will and community of the combined passengers of both ships to not detonate the other, and as Joker’s plan fails, he is caught and finally sent to Arkham or Blackgate, i can;t remember okay, 2008 was a long time ago. And so the story ends once more with Batman saving the day. But the ultimate question remains: at what cost? After all, harvey was the survivor of that hostage situation, however was burned, went insane and became two face, only to fall to his death and Batman take the blame for it, resulting in the entire police force to neglect him, since no one really knew except Gordon that Harvey went insane. The end, thanks for reading and summary, this truly is a great movie that you should definitely watch.

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