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The chart below shows the volume chart for Boeing for the same time period. Understanding fundamentals can help you gauge td ameritrade vs etrade the legitimacy of certain price action. For example, let’s assume you see a stock breaking out 50% on the day.

Stock chart patterns are an important trading tool​ that should be utilised as part of your technical analysis strategy. From beginners to professionals, chart patterns play an integral part when looking for market trends and predicting movements. They can be used to analyse all markets including forex, shares, commodities and more. The 200 DMA is a line that is formed by taking the average closing price of a stock over the last trailing 200 trading days.

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A gap occurs when there is a large difference between the closing price and the opening price of the following day. These usually occur around an earnings report or macroeconomic event. These moving averages are extremely powerful, at a glance you can see if the stock is in an uptrend or downtrend. The blue line shows the average price of the stock over the past 50 days. The two most popular moving averages are the 200 day and the 50 day. Its harder to see the open/close and days range, and you can not see price patterns.

  • Using these moving averages together also allow you to see two important indicators of a change in trend.
  • Studying all the specific terms used can help you read the charts more easily.
  • This reiterates that consistently making money trading stocks is not easy.
  • David Keller, CMT is Chief Market Strategist at, where he helps investors minimize behavioral biases through technical analysis.
  • A key thing to watch out for in any high-momentum trading setup is the pullback.

Some patterns repeat themselves through history, whether you’re looking at the price of gold in the 15th century or a chart of the hottest new unicorn IPO. In this sideways chart, there’s no definitive trend to the price movements. It’s just bouncing back and forth between $9 and $12, undecided on what to do next. As you can see by the arrows, there are several dojis in this period of several months, many more than a trending stock would have.


Day’s range shows the highest and lowest prices the stock has traded for up to the current moment of that trading day. Taking a closer look at any stock chart and performing basic technical analysis allows you to identify chart patterns. In turn, spotting the next big winner will be an easier task. Support and Resistance is a basic form of technical analysis that can be used as a way to predict stock price movement and help traders mark potential buy and sell points. Each chart type for performing technical analysis has its benefits. By exploring the options each approach provides, investors can determine which type best meets their needs for reading stock charts.

What is a good stock volume?

Thin, Low-Priced Stocks = Higher Investment Risk
To reduce such risk, it’s best to stick with stocks that have a minimum dollar volume of $20 million to $25 million. In fact, the more, the better. Institutions tend to get more involved in a stock with daily dollar volume in the hundreds of millions or more.

In day trading, technical analysis is one of the most effective strategies for simplifying large amounts of data in order to ease the decision making process. The triple bottom pattern is used in technical analysis as a predictor of a reverse position following a long downward trend. The triple bottom occurs when the price of the stock creates three distinct downward prongs, at around the same price level, before breaking out and reversing the trend.

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The rectangle develops from two trendlines which form the support and resistance until the price breaks out. The flag will have sloping trendlines, and the slope should move in the opposite direction to the original price movement. Once the price breaks through either the support or resistance lines, this creates the buy or sell signal. On the other hand, a candlestick chart quite dramatically changes the look of a chart and is popular among some advanced chartists. Candlestick charts combine elements of line and bar charts to depict how a stock or other security trades.

In this chart, Baidu wasn in a consistent uptrend since its January low. An investor who correctly called the bottom, bought the shares, and held this position would have a gain of 93%. While this performance is impressive, a swing trader who bought at the lower band and then sold at the upper band would have seen a total profit of 125%. One final important concept to understand when identifying accumulation days on a stock chart is to look for days where volume was above the 60-day average. Low volume days have little meaning, because it means few institutions were involved. Here’s a recent stock chart of Microsoft to help us out.

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I would have loved to have gotten in to stocks and your challenge 5 or 10 years ago but I just wouldn’t have been ready. I’m having a great time learning and some of these pictures just make me want to learn more. Orientation videos took 4 days to complete due to work. Day by day it is getting interesting to learn about so many things and your exercises answered so many of my initial confusions and making me more confident day by day.

What is the best stock prediction site?

9 Best Stock Research Websites & Tools – Rating The Best Stock Market Websites In 2021WallStreetZen (Best Stock Research Website In 2021)
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Seeking Alpha.
AAII (American Association of Individual Investors)
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7. Yahoo!
Google Finance.
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So, even if there are some special and complicated calculations used to get that result, it doesn’t mean the result will certainly be the same. Google Finance is one of the several websites that offer basic stock information, and it is actually one of the best ones for this matter. Dummies has always stood for taking on complex concepts and making them easy to understand. Dummies helps everyone be more knowledgeable and confident in applying what they know.

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This allows steep pullbacks like those on the right end of the chart to occur. As you can see, the uptrend was strong enough to take the stock from $54 to $77 in two months. Throughout the trend, you’ll find strings of Marubozu candles, indicating Tips For Stock Charts explosive demand for the stock. The psychology at play with Marubozu candles is more straightforward than the previous two candlesticks we’ve analyzed. A Bullish Marubozu indicates that buyers are tripping over each other to buy the stock.

Look at longer time horizons for a more complete picture of trading activity. Beta shows how volatile a stock’s price is compared with the stock market, which may be an indicator of how risky the stock is. If beta is less than one but greater than zero, it’s been less volatile than the overall market for that period. As always, though, past performance isn’t indicative of future performance. The open is the first price at which a stock trades during regular market hours, while high and low reflect the highest and lowest prices the stock reaches during those hours, respectively.

The second indicator is the trend in volume when the stock prices go in one direction or the other. In this example, the stock price decreases fairly steadily from late 2007 to late 2008. I’ve marked that trend with a red downward arrow on the stock price portion of the chart. I’ve added a red arrow on the volume portion of the chart. In this example, you can see that the volume was much lower starting in late 2008 when the stock price flattened.

For stocks that have well-identified support and resistance levels, price breakouts beyond either of those levels can be important indicators of future price movement. Careful analysis of stock price movement often reveals signs of potential trend reversals. Various candlestick or other chart patterns are also often used to identify major market reversals. One of the most commonly used technical indicators is a moving average. The moving averages that are most frequently applied to daily stock charts are the 20-day, 50-day, and 200-day moving average.

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Trend following indicators help you spot new trends and when the supply/demand balance is significantly shifting in one direction. As for exit strategies, there are dozens of ways to skin a cat. One way that works well is to stop a stop loss above the flag, and wait to see what the market gives you if the trade works out well, exit when the momentum slows down.

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The top of the box is the closing price or the price of the last trade of the day. There are two stock chart components – prices and volume. Develop your own stock market strategy and learn how to create your own winning stock system.

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Though its trading options and account types are limited, even an absolute beginner can quickly master Robinhood’s intuitive and streamlined platform. On the other hand, more advanced traders might be frustrated by Robinhood’s lack of technical analysis tools, a feature that’s now nearly universal across other platforms. Tips For Stock Charts David Keller, CMT is Chief Market Strategist at, where he helps investors minimize behavioral biases through technical analysis. He is also President and Chief Strategist at Sierra Alpha Research LLC, a boutique investment research firm focused on managing risk through market awareness.